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Is Nuxt 3 Ready is being archived

Last week, with the recent open beta of Nuxt 3, I decided to build "Is Nuxt 3 Ready", that esentially listed the compatibility of Nuxt modules. Initially, it was just a pet project to play with the new Nuxt 3 features, but after a tweet from @Dawntraoz it got really popular. I revamped the design, made it easier for others to contribute and added really nice features such as sorting by status or light/dark modes.

Today, at the time of writing, Nuxt finally added compatibility support. They let me know via a GitHub Issue so I could use their DB to fetch the info instead of having an inline JSON but I decided it was better to archive the repository.

Why? As a former Wiki Manager at Fandom, and user for more than a decade, I've witnessed the side effects of maintaining two different sites with the same scope. I'm not saying forking it's a bad thing, but I strongly believe code is a team effort, and joining forces benefits the Nuxt community more than keeping two separate projects that look nearly the same.

I'll make a few changes to the repository to announce the migration and keep the site up for some time before redirecting it to the official modules site. I'm really thankful for all the support this pet project received, specially to those who contributed to it or promoted it. I have some things planned so you'll hear more from me soon.