Slidev Spanish docs

Presentation slides for devs

Slidev is a tool written in Vite that allows you to write slides using Vue, Markdown and other integrations with HMR. I translated the Spanish docs and wrote a guide for other languages.

Overview of the project


The English docs were written in VitePress, so it would be technically easy to translate it as most of the work would be related to translating Markdown and some .ts/.vue files.

Goals and requirements

  • Provide high-quality translations that sound "natural".
  • Create an standardized guide on how to translate into other languages.


I had a previous background in translating web applications.


Avoid machine-like translations

Languages, even if they share the same ancestors, not always have 1:1 translations. That means many times you have to rewrite the entire sentence. There are some ways to do this, but usually I try to understand what the sentence is trying to say, and rewrite it using my own words.

As I said in the TRANSLATIONS guide:

Translations don't need to be literal, but they should convey the same message. In case you're not sure how to translate something, you can either leave it as it is or use online tools like WordReference or Linguee to aid you.

Sometimes English is better

You could probably find a translation for most programming terms, but they may not understand what you're saying because they are used to the English docs.

Lessons learned and closing thoughts

Rebuilding Antique Radio Shop taught me a lot of things in order to overcome the challenges and requirements of the projects.

The project was very successful:

  • Improved SEO from Page 3-4 in Google to the first 5 results.
  • Google Lighthouse 90+ scores in 4 categories (speed, accesibility, best practices, SEO).
  • Received compliments from clients regarding the usability and aesthetics of the new site.
  • Reduced architecture costs by switching to JAMstack technologies.

If you would like more details about the project or are intested in working with me, contact me.